iPad App

SkyList is proud to offer an extensive list of features designed to assist our nightclub clients in streamlining and simplifying their tracking processes for inventory, parties and events, and more. We offer state-of-the-art features, allowing you to keep track of all incoming and outgoing inventory (so you know when it is time to restock), and to track your guest lists, promoters, RSVPs, parties, party dates, party packages, and much more. You can analyze and compare your sales and events over specific period, maintain and edit staffing information, and we even offer an iPad App in order to help our clients use our system in sync with the most up-to-date technologies. We offer complete customer support as well. SkyList aims not only to help you make life in the nightclub business easier, but we also want our customers to be completely satisfied each time they use one of our many services and features.

Data Management

The SkyList App allows you to manage all your nightclub business with a single app. Our backend features allow collaborative input while allowing you and other authorized users to send front-end commands, gaining responsive results. For instance, you ask for the number of guests attending a specific event using front-end commands, and the responsive result is the answer you were seeking based on the information available from user input. You can manage all of your data, from parties, dates, and times, to guest lists, RSVPs, number in attendance and more. Additionally, you can integrate all of this information in order to create an analysis later on just to see where your business stands and what direction you need to go to reach more customers and to reap more profits.


Collaboration is a key aspect of the SkyList App. Nightclub owners and managers, nightclub staff, and authorized promoters can use this iPad app to manage their information, creating collaborative input for all users to utilize. This makes everyone’s job a bit less complicated and allows for ease with future reports and analyses.


Our backend system features sync directly to your iPad for ease of use, whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Best of all, you eliminate some difficulties for yourself and your staff. Owners and managers can eliminate the cumbersome integration of multiple reports with this easy to use app, and nightclub staff can eliminate pens, paper, clipboards, and even heavy laptops with the SkyList iPad App, allowing them to quickly and easily access and check guest lists right at the door.