Backend System

The SkyList backend system is designed to support back-office applications for our nightclub management clients. Our system obtains user input and input across our features in order to provide responsive output based on requests from the front-end section of our application. Our backend system provides database management and data processing for nightclub management, club staff, promoters, and other administration authorized users.

Backend System Features

The SkyList App backend system includes a variety of five-star features designed to simplify your nightclub management system. No more pens and paper. No more clipboards. No more printed checklists and guest lists. Manage your nightclub business and events with little hassle or complication, and even allow your staff and outside promoters to utilize and update your backend databases as well. As an added bonus, the information contained in your databases can be used to analyze your business information in order to determine future projections, as well as to determine marketing strategies. The SkyList App is designed with your business success in mind. Reduce and eliminate the stress of multiple management databases by consolidating your information with SkyList. Complications are further reduced by allowing other users to update information, creating a collaborative effort for data collection that can be utilized for tracking and analysis. SkyList features include:

User Tabs:

  • Analytics
  • Events
  • Dates
  • Guest List
  • RSVPs
  • Parties
  • Promoter
  • Staff
  • Apps

  • iPad app
  • Data Management

    The SkyList App backend system allows you to store, track, and analyze data related to nightclub management and events. You, your staff, and other app users can track your guest lists, including time and date of attendance; track RSVPs and reservations, and store and track party information, including the times and dates, number of guests, party packages, special instructions, and get your own specialized floor plan within the Parties tab.

    Under the staff tab, nightclub management can extend permission to users such as staff and promoters, allowing them access to certain tabs in order to edit and update information on guests, RSVPs, parties, and more. Of course, administrators can also edit, add, and delete information across all tabs throughout the backend system.

    With our Apple iPad app, nightclub door staff can toss aside those cumbersome laptops and old-fashioned clipboards. With the SkyList app, your staff can quickly and efficiently check the names on guest lists, noting who is in attendance at any nightclub event via synchronization between the backend system and iPad, allowing management to collect, track, and analyze this information as well.

    For our customers’ convenience, we offer additional tabs allowing you to access customer support, as well as our client satisfaction information.

    SkyList is the wave of the future for nightclub management; the perfect marriage of technology, data, and management efficiency.